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Service & Repair

We provide full car service and all car repair services at our Leixlip garage. All our mechanics are fully trained and certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Our full car service includes:
Trained and ASE certified mechanics perform reliable service and repairs of all cars  - Leixlip Breakdown Recovery & Kennedy Garage, Kildare, Ireland
Ensuring that you are safe when driving your car is a major reason to get your car serviced by our reliable car mechanics. When you get your car serviced by Kennedy Cars we ensure your lights, brake, suspension and tyres are all operating to the correct standard. Any problems can often be inexpensive to correct and will ensure that you can have peace of mind on the road.

Car diagnostics performed by expert mechanics at Leixlip Breakdown Recovery & Kennedy Garage, Kildare, Ireland

Diagnostics & Repairs

Whatever problems you are experiencing with your car, our mechanics are expert at car diagnostics. We can source any required parts for your car, whatever its make or model, and fix your car as soon as possible.

Reliable, Guaranteed Parts and Service

NCT Preparation

All cars in Ireland, of over 4 years old, require an NCT test every two years. We take the stress out of the NCT by offering you a comprehensive pre-test inspection covering all the important mechanical & safety issues including your vehicles brakes, lights, tyres, exhaust emissions, steering & suspension. All the following are included in our pre-NCT inspection and preparation:
Contact us or call in at our Leixlip garage for all your car service, repair & NCT preparation requirements.

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